As a general statement investors in Australia are reasonably well served.

‘Generally well-served’.  This maybe OK on the surface but dig down and it means that the advice is average because the advice groups are average.

All advice groups make the same statements about the quality of advice, the difference with Avalon is that this advice group is built on a risk management, compliance and product selection based on fundamental analysis.

The difficulty for the investor is to find an adviser who doesn’t run with the pack or is not influenced by product.

AVALONfs is ‘risk centric’. That is our product list is more broad than the average advice group, but at the same time more narrow in its band of risk.

It has strict product rules around complex products such as REITS and structured products, to name a few.

Our advisers don’t put your financial details into a piece of planning software, press a button, and e’voila’ here is your plan.

Avalon advisers consider carefully, not only the risk profile of the client, but the risk profile of the underlying investments and the overall standard deviation and run stress analysis ratios on the portfolios to ensure they can stand up to market volatility better than the ‘reasonable advice’.

You could say that our adviser perform the same kind of analysis, in most cases more, than the average fund manager performs over their products.

Couple this with the risk and compliance framework of Avalon and back-up to the Avalon adviser and the investor is far better served and looked after than the general investor population.

The main reason for this differential is AVALONfs’ board and staff.  These are industry professionals with many years of business, fund management and financial planning expertise.

Avalon will ensure that the advice provided by our advisers has been carefully considered and not cooky cutter prepared.

Wealth Creation

Whether its saving or investing for a specific life goal like paying off your home or funding your children’s education, or simply planning your financial future, we can help you structure the right wealth creation plan based on your family’s needs and goals, present and future. It’s never too early to start thinking about planning for the future. Spending a few hours wisely now could make your earnings last well into the future.

Wealth Protection

Protecting your wealth and ensuring your family’s financial future no matter what life throws at you is one of the most important considerations you can make when planning your financial life. Whether its taking out an appropriate level of life insurance to cover your family’s expenses in the event of your death, or putting in place a complete estate plan to ensure your affairs will be in order should you die unexpectedly, your AVALONfs adviser can help you.

Retirement Planning

Planning well for your retirement is an absolute essential part of your overall financial plan. Your AVALONfs Financial Adviser has access to a range of well-conceived retirement strategies to keep you better informed of your options. These might include making the most of your super, maximizing your Centrelink benefits, and how you may be able to avoid unnecessary tax bills. The overall aim is to maximise your retirement income and reduce your taxation to ensure you can afford the lifestyle you want in your retirement years.

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